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The Professional Soil Classifiers Association of Alabama (PSCAA) consists of a relatively small group of soil scientists and associates with expertise in classifying and interpreting soils and an interest in the wise use of our soil resource. Members vary in their areas of expertise and experience, but most are experts in soil mapping, classifying, and interpreting soils for various uses. Others have expertise and experience in wetland delineation, while others specialize in the area of onsite disposal of wastewater.

The Association meets annually at locations throughout the State. The annual meetings provide a forum for discussion of topics of interest to members and updates on technical issues. Meetings generally consist of a technical session, a business session, and a field tour. Workshops on Soil Taxonomy, hydric soils, onsite wastewater disposal, and other areas of interest are held periodically.

The Association provides a scholarship annually to a deserving college student majoring in a Soil Science curriculum. The scholarship is rotated among the three Land Grant Universities in Alabama – Auburn University, Alabama A&M University, and Tuskegee University. Members also assist with Land and Soil Judging Contests at the high school and college level and serve as speakers or advisors to schools and school organizations such as FFA and 4-H.

A current listing of Professional Soil Classifiers registered to practice Soil Classification in Alabama can be accessed by clicking here.

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